Week 5 Summary

This week the lecture was on Cascading Style Sheets(CSS) and what it does for websites. CSS is a language for establishing a set of rules that effect the type and design of a web page or an entire website. CSS  is known for being easily accessible, it establishes a website hierarchy, and once established allows easy site wide maintenance. When using CSS  the block level elements can be controlled with formatting and positioning.A rule in CSS consists of a selector and a declaration, the example of this would be the selector H1 and a declaration to make its color red.

H1 {color :red }

During the week I registered for gettyimages.com which is a stock images website. This is one example of a website that contains a database of existing photos and video of content that can be licensed for use for personal or commercial use.

Links to Stock Photo Sites:

Imagemaps were discussed this week as a means to create clickable links that are put into images using a set of coordinates. Imagemaps are not scalable and only display in browsers that support graphic images however, are an easy way to break up a complicated image rather then slicing and linking individual elements of that image.

This week in the textbook “The Principles of Beautiful Web Design” Chapter 3 was on Texture within a website. Texture is anything that has a look a feel that represents a real world surface. Texture becomes a 2D representation of a 3D object feel. This is created using the concepts of point, line, shape, depth, volume, and pattern and relating them all together within a design.

Links from the Textbook:

“Creating Custom Corners & Borders” by Søren Madsen

“Thrashbox” by Ryan Thrash

“Nifty Corners” by Alessandro Fulciniti

“Spiffy Corners” by Greg Johnson


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