Week 4 Summary

This week I started off with information about color theory in relation to how color is displayed digitally. The main color systems are RGB which is an additive color how it is different then the traditionally taught RYB. The psychology of color was also taught and I learned a few of the different meanings behind color in western society.





Also the website Kuler was introduced as a good way to get color schemes integrated into adobe products.

We began this week to get an introduction to adobe Fireworks which is a hybrid raster / vector graphics program that can integrate the two types of graphics files together which it saves as a fireworks png. The videos this week mainly discussed the interface, how fireworks deals with layers, and also the ways which to save or import/export files.

In order to have some prep for our AACC banner design project, we also got information about web banners. The website IAB was presented as the association that works towards bettering the online interactive advertising.

Information identifying why websites can be bad was also a good part of this weeks reading. The term mystery meat navigation was brought up to describe websites that hide links to other sections until a user scrolls over and has to find, identify, and remember where that link was located. An amazing about of reading material and videos on the subject can be found on Vincent Flanders web site webpagesthatsuck.com


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