Final Project Proposals

My first idea is to build a digital portfolio to showcase my work in 3D modeling and level design. In this case I would be using my own work and use all original content from projects I’ve done at AACC. Currently I have a domain of however the website is done with  free hosting while I practiced using html for the first time . I would like to remake the website with what I learned from class this semester. I have current digital content both pictures and video that I would need to display. This portfolio is not exactly for a job since I am transferring to a 4 year however, I would like the practice none the less with the current skills I have developed.

My second idea is going to be business website for riot apparel a clothing company located in Baltimore. I work with one of the co-owners and my girlfriend was able to get an internship with their company. Photo content and basic outlines for what the client wants would be provided by the owners of the business. They have models that try on clothing as examples of merchandise. The only issue I’m worried about is whether its in the scope of the class to be able to set up secure business transactions via the web store that they need.


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  1. Jennifer Schuster Said:

    These both sound like great ideas. My comments:

    The portfolio site for yourself would be very useful when you are in the process of transferring to a 4-year institution. You can tailor the site towards that goal – ie, focusing on higher education and transferring for now, with your work featured on the portfolio site.

    The business idea also seems intriguing. We will not be setting up or discussing secure transactions in this class. You would be able to design and setup a static site for them for now, and could possibly venture into more complex integration (like the secure transactions) on your own after the class.

    It’s your call which you’d like to do.

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