Week 3 Summary

Information this week covered image file types for web such as jpeg, gif, and png, and also how to link them into a web page. A new feature in this weeks Kona web page allowed for us to use the page properties window to change properties of headers, links or even background color. In order to get full control over images a number of software applications have been created to create and edit images:

The website UX Booth as an excellent article on optimization of images for the web Click Here.

This week we also started reading The Principles of Beautiful Web Design by Jason Beaird

Chapter 1 covered the concepts of layout and composition within a website.  It went over common column layouts, designing a website, creating balance, emphasizing certain aspects of a webpage. It also went over some technical problems like dealing with inconsistant screen resolution. The book also included some good websites to look at to get inspired.


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