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Week 2 Summary

This week I learned about setting up blog roll links here on word press. Also I learned about setting up dreamweaver to link to a FTP server and creating a local root folder to store all website related material.

I also learned about using headers, styles such as bold, italics, and lists in both regular html and in dreamweaver. Header tags such as <H1> or <H4> create a hierarchy of important information on a page. By determining a structure that a web page abides by it creates a uniform way for a user to obtain information. Using bold or italics also can be used in this manner to emphasize a certain word or phrase. Lists are used as another way to link related material together. The three types of lists discussed are organized lists <ol>, unorganized lists <ul>, and Definition lists <dl>. These are all used in different ways. <ol> is used to create a numbered list. <ul> creates a list using the shapes. <dl> is a bit different because it presents a term or sentence that is placed above a defintion in order to create a defintion hierarchy.

Links were discussed in notes and also on The two kinds of links are absolute and relative. Absolute links are often used to link to outside content or web pages. They contain the full http://www. address and take longer for a browser to process. Relative links are links that access another page relative from the current webpages location to the other webpages location within the same root folder. These are often faster to do however must be updated id the structure within the website is changed. Another type of relative link is to create a local root link. These are directed starting from the local root folder and navigate to the webpage that is selected.



Week 1 Summary

This week I learned a great deal more about the internet and the world wide web. had great info on creating an organized folder system for use in any WYSIWYG editors. Other information such as the three character file extension such as .htm .jpg .mov .mp4 etc… was also very informative. The reasoning behind html vs. xhtml ,css, and javascript was also important since the last time I took a web class all that was covered was html 4.0.

Good Links: – List of popular WYSIWYG editors. – Information on what a FTP ( file transfer protocol) is. – World Wide Web Consortium an organization reponsible for establishing standards for all web sites to follow. or – websites that show rankings/comparisons for different webhosts and what they offer. – 101 really good porfolios done by web designers.

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